Pasco Veterinary Medical Center

Welcome to Pasco Veterinary Medical Center, a full service medical and surgical facility that integrates the most advanced western medical services (digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, advanced ophthalmology, and dental radiography) with the widest complement of alternative medicine in the state. In addition to performing Live Blood Analysis, Dr. Marlene Siegel masterfully blends holistic arts such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, homotoxicology, Chinese herbs, advanced nutrition, nutraceuticals, essential oils, Bach flower remedy, touch healing, therapeutic laser, and intrinsic energy products to gain the highest level of success in case management. Her practice treats small animals, exotics, and performance horses.

The medical center offers a unique ambiance. The experience begins with the magnificent murals painted on the walls and floor that depict endangered species. The staff create a welcoming family atmosphere. Our doctors take thorough histories and do complete physical exams on every patient they see. The staff pride themselves on exemplary client education so that owners can make the best decisions possible regarding their family members well-being.

Dr. Siegel writes articles on holistic health care for newspapers and magazines and has appeared numerous times as a TV guest speaking on preventative medicine. She conducts live blood studies for several companies and is particularly passionate about intrinsic energy products and nutrition as the basis for pet health. Dr. Siegel is also the co founder of L.I.I.F.E (Living Integrated Is For Everyone), a wellness coaching center that educates people on how to live a healthier life style. Whether someone needs relief from sinus allergy, discomfort, sleep disorders, lack of energy, protection from electromagnetic field energy, release trapped emotions or they need to manage their weight, L.I.I.F.E. offers safe, effective, all natural solutions.

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  • After Hours Emergency: Please call Dr. Siegel (813) 299-1641
  • Dr. Marlene Siegel

    Dr. Siegel's passion for medicine was fueled in 1975 when she became an emergency medical technician. While going to college, she worked on an ambulance and in an emergency room. She became the first female paramedic in the state of Fla in 1977. Veterinary medicine was always her first priority, and she fulfilled her life's passion when she graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.

    Dr. Siegel spent the first year post graduation in a 5 doctor small animal and exotic practice. She then accepted a position in a veterinary emergency clinic where she practiced and managed the hospital. In addition to the emergency clinic, Dr. Siegel worked in several daytime practices as a relief veterinarian. She opened her existing small animal and exotic practice in 1987.

    In 1996 Dr. Siegel became certified in Redirecting Children's Behavior, a course that teaches parents communication skills and how to recognize and deal with power struggles, inappropriate attention issues, revenge, and inadequacy. She taught community courses for 10 years and now teaches one on one classes.

    In 2004 one of Dr. Siegel's show horses developed debilitating neck spasm. Traditional western medicine was unable to fix the problem. Dr. Siegel was unwilling to give up, and sought alternative means to treat the mare. The journey to fix Lilly led to chiropractic training, a thorough understanding of nutrition, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Jin Shin jyutsu, Chinese herbs, intrinsic energy products, therapeutic laser, essential oils, Bach Flowers, emotional healing, and certification in Live Blood Analysis. All these modalities and more are integrated into her treatment protocols resulting in greater success than western modalities alone.

    Her interest in alternative medicine lead her to become a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2012. The knowledge and skills derived from this certification has added immeasurable value to her practice.

    Dr. Siegel has been featured on several local TV shows, has given numerous lectures on integrating holistic care in veterinary medicine, and has written newspaper columns on veterinary care for pets. She participates in many community service projects including The Great American Teach In and Toys 4 Tots. She is an active "Blogger", sharing her knowledge for animal and people wellbeing. Access her articles by clicking on the "Blog" link.

    Dr Siegel has been a visionary in the health field. Her hospital was the first in Florida to offer ultrasound telemedicine, and the second hospital to offer class 4 laser therapy, the first on board with digital radiography, and she continues to strive to stay cutting edge in the profession.

    Dr. Siegel began VSST- Veterinary Support Staff Training in 2006. It is a program that teaches lay people an introduction to veterinary receptionist and veterinary technician assistant, enabling them to get an idea of what the profession requires and a foot in the door for those seeking a career in veterinary medicine. She also has an extensive volunteer program that gives students community hours and an introduction into veterinary medicine.

    She feels her role as a practitioner is to educate and empower people to make informed decisions. Her client/patient relationships starts with a complete history and a thorough physical exam. She then educates the owner of the options available, helping them to make decisions right for them and their pet.

    Her hobbies and interests are as varied as her accomplishments, with interests in sports (particularly horses, tennis, dance, water skiing, snow skiing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing), though she is up for anything short of jumping out of airplanes. She also enjoys many arts and crafts and reading.

    She is an accomplished cook (contributing recipes to a cook book her kids wrote) and has a special interest in RAW Food preparation. In 2010 Dr Siegel co- authored a children's book Demi And The Dolphins  A lesson In Ecology (available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble) with her daughter Alyssa.

    She is currently training her own show horses and is becoming an avid permaculturist.

    Though Dr. Siegel didn't grow up having many animals, she has made up for that in her adult life. She currently has 7 horses, 3 cats, 1 dog, several birds, fish, chickens, and a snake.
  • Alyssa Harrell

    Alyssa has been with Pasco Veterinary Medical Center all her life, literally.  She is Dr. Siegel's oldest daughter. She began her career with Pasco Vet when she was less than 24 hours old, coming to work with mom.

    She completed her first three years of schooling in a public school and from fourth grade on has been home schooled. Being at the office every day provided the opportunity for hands on training. Social skills such as answering phones, greeting clients, general customer service duties, and computer skills were part of her daily exposure. By nine years of age she was becoming skillful in the front desk duties along with some of the technician skills.

    Currently she is working full time in the office and is in training to take over the practice management position.

    Following in the footsteps of her mom, she is passionate about natural health. In 2011 Alyssa became certified in natural health and has earned her certificate as a wellness coach through the Certified Natural Health Professionals.

    She has a particular passion for cooking and has attended programs for the culinary arts. She has had multiple catering jobs, and with contributions from friends and family has published a cook book. She is currently working on her second cook book that will cover healthy holistically minded recipes along with educating people on how to eat and heal with whole foods.

    In addition to being a straight "A" student, she is an entrepreneur. She owns three other business's. One involves intrinsic energy products that help restore balance to people without using drugs. Another involves a healthy, organic coffee, and the third is bling (jewelry), not healthy or organic but very fun!

    In addition to her cook book, she has published a children's story. It started as a home school project when she was ten years old to write a fiction story with facts involving dolphins. Dr. Siegel contributed by "fleshing" the story, and Carol Mecum (the artist who painted Pasco Veterinary Medical Center) illustrated it. The book has won Editors Choice Award- a prestigious award granted to less than 10% of self published books- and is awarded based on editorial content. We are hopeful the story will be made into a movie.

    Look for Demi and the Dolphins on line and in book stores. Alyssa will happily autograph copies!

    Alyssa is also an accomplished equestrian rider, having won many titles in English riding. She currently helps her mom train their show horses. She also enjoys exercising, boating, and having fun with family.