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March 2017

Hormones, can't see them or taste them. What are they are why are they important. This months articles is everything you need to know about hormones and was ignorant to ask. http://cp.revolio.com/i/800850-volume-5-issue-2  pages 42-43

January 2017

This months Abbys Magazine is focused on sports nutrition and exercise. My pet article is located on pages 24-26. Let me know what tips you (and your fur child) liked the most!



November 2016

Energy, what is it and why does it matter is the topic in this Abby’s issue. Learn “how to fix the cell to get well”

http://cp.revolio.com/i/755637-volume-4-issue-6   pages 20-21


August 2016

Aging is a normal part of the cycle of life. Dis-ease does NOT have to be part of aging! This months article describes why we and our pets age non gracefully and gives simple and effective tips to anti-aging.  http://cp.revolio.com/i/713121-volume-4-issue-4/21?m4= Pages 22-23


July 2016

Are pet foods healthy? How did we begin feeding "Frankin food". This article explains how the pet food industry was developed and who the major players are controlling the pet food industry. Guaranteed to help you choose differently!              Pages 30-31



May 2016

Traditional Chinese Medicine is important in animal health too. 

Pages 18-19 http://cp.revolio.com/i/663907-volume-4-issue-2


March 2016

We take better care of our cars and machines than we do our bodies, partly because we are not taught how. This article focus's on how to detox our pets so they can live the healthiest lives possible!

The pet article is on Pages 16-17



January 2016

What do you do when your pet has been diagnosed with cancer?



September 2015

Inflammation is the root cause of almost every dis-ease process. As we grasp what inflammation is and how we can manage or eliminate it, we can effectively treat dis-ease. This article (located on pages 24-25) describes what inflammation is along with simple steps to resolve it. http://cp.revolio.com/i/571399-volume-3-issue-5


June 2015

We know how important exercise is for people, it is just as important for our fur family! This months issue covers tips for safe exercises for cats and dogs.  Fur parents will have fun and benefit as well. 

http://cp.revolio.com/i/510259-volume-3-issue-3 pages 12-13 of Abby's Magazine


April 2015

Though strokes and heart attacks are common in people, they are not in animals. Vestibular disease is often misdiagnosed. Learn more about these diseases and how to prevent them on pages 32-33 of Abby's Magazine.  http://cp.revolio.com/i/474241-volume-3-issue-2


February 2015

The foundation of our immune system (and that of our pets) lies in good gut health. Probiotics, the essential good bacteria and yeast we need to aid in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients are the key to good gut health. Fermented foods such as Kefir and cultured vegetables are easy and inexpensive to add to the daily diet. My article on probiotics is on pages 16-17. Contact me for information on where to get Kefir or how to make it at home!



December 2014  

 The holidays are a joyful time but they can be a dangerous time for pets.

Holiday tips to keep your pet safe and healthy this season

see pages 18-19 for the pet article



September 17, 2014

Cancer is an environmental disease! Removing the environmental stimuli that cause cancer is far more effective (and cheaper) than treating cancer. This issue of Abby's Magazine is dedicated to the topic of cancer in pets and people.  My article is on pages 26-27. Unfortunately the live blood analysis pictures got seperated from the corresponding text, but it is easy to see healthy blood versus not healthy blood. The full case presentations are in the video blog section of Pasco Vet's website.  



Organic living, can you afford not to? Read the article (on page 28-29) about the price we pay for living in a toxic environment.


Dementia is NOT a normal aging process. This article (on pages 32-33) outlines steps to take to slow down or prevent dementia.


Traveling Safely With Pets

Hurricane Readiness

Detoxing is a family affair, everyone benefits, especially your pets. Article is on page page 28-29

Live Blood Analysis is a fast, easy, inexpensive but accurate method to evaluate how your body is working. It reflects digestion, parasite and fungal load along with toxin exposure. This article was specific for horses, but it works for all animals and humans! Article is on page 19-20

Are You Feeding A Diet That Is Helping Or Harming Your Pets Health?
The direct link to the Live Blood article is:
90% of the diseases pets incur are directly attributable to their diet. Feeding a biologically appropriate species diet will extend your pets life with health and vibrance. Article is on pages 20-21  

What Is Alternative Vet Care And Why Is It Important?
The body speaks to us through symptoms. When the body is out of balance, symptom occurs. Treating the symptom without addressing root cause may lead to more serious disease. Article is on pages 26-27. http://cp.revolio.com/i/127015

Does Your Pet Have Normal Sleep Patterns And Why Is It Important To Know
We take for granted our pets sleep is normal, but what is normal and why is it important to be sure our pets get good sleep. Article is on pages 26-27 http://cp.revolio.com/i/165102

Preventing Misbehaviors In Puppies And Kittens
Puppies and kittens are like teenagers, their adult behavior is directly linked to the schooling they get as youngsters. This article gives tools for redirecting puppy and kitty behavior. Article is on pages 26-27  http://cp.revolio.com/i/141632

The Immune System Holds the Keys to Longevity and Health

The immune system holds the keys to longevity and health. Read how is works and what you can do to assure your pet lives the longest healthiest life possible. Article is on pages 30-31 of the magazine for this article.